Monday, October 18, 2010

Entry Sixteen

The one crisis that I struggled with was the crisis of confidence.  When I was first called to radio broadcasting, I was nervous.  I had no confidence in myself, because I was a timid and under spoken person.  I knew that it God wanted me help spread the word, but I felt that I was not the right person for the job.  That is why I tried to run away from radio, and become a teacher.  For three years, I was in the education program, and every day I knew that I was pulling farther and farther from my vocation.  It took a rude awaking of two principles telling me I would not be hired because I was a male, to realize that God was giving me a shove back to my calling.


According to Smith, Vocation can be described as “… a call of God to serve him in the world” (Smith, p.22).  What I take from this is that because God calls you to a certain career, be it education or radio broadcasting as he has done for me, vocation is a sacred task that God has assigned you.  This can cause several feelings of crisis in ones’ life, because they may feel that they are being called to a place that they do not want to go.   This may cause feelings of crisis as it focus, confidence and meaning.     
            I feel that when you are called to do something by God, it is a task that should not be taken lightly, but instead held up as your main priority, I feel that work should be no different from your ministry.  When you are at work in a career that God has chosen you, you are serving a purpose for the lord.  What this means is not to preach frantically to every Tom dick and harry, but to apply the God given abilities that you own, to a career that god has called you towards.  If you get the opportunity to spread the word of God where it can be a positive experience, then do it.  Knowing when to talk about God and when to just lead by example and display a God filled life is an important theory to work.  Knowing that God is with you and supporting you will boost your confidence and help you succeed in his will.    


Smith, G. T. (1999). Courage & Calling: Embracing Your God-Given Potential. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press