Sunday, October 10, 2010

Entry Eleven

Even though developing deep, interpersonal relationships with co-workers is a vital key to successful networking, there can benefits to not having to develop these long lasting relationships with everyone (Block, 2007).  Even if every person that you meet and do not go farther than just a few passing glances and a few comments and open armed approached conversation, that person will most likely see you as being the person, in which others ask about later (2007).

To succeed in long and lasting favorable networks, an individual needs to set up good, strong bonds.  To build strong bonds, one must act in a responsible, dependable, organized and persistent manner towards others.  Responsible in the sense that individuals need to take charge of what they say, and need to be responsible to be able to be open and receptive towards others (2005).  Being dependable towards not only ones responsibility towards others, but also dependable in acting in such a way that expectations are going to not shatter too often.  If people are unable to get any sense how others are, it will be hard for them to develop long and lasting relationships (Hoygen, 2004).  In life, people also need to organize and persistent in their own lives, so they show a shining example.  If someone has a hard time staying organized in their own life, the question of “how are they going to be organized and persistent in this relationship…” will fill the mind of the individual (2004).  True dedication towards those who are influential and those who can help develop an individual’s career, is crucial towards sustaining a healthy, progressive network.  Not only will you have the professional relationships to help get you through the toughest of tasks, but you will also have deeper relationship’s, that can help you develop even stronger bonds.

-  Block, D. (2007). Investing in Staff Development Pays Off. Adult Basic Education & Literacy Journal, 1(3), 154-156. Retrieved March 19, 2009, from Academic Search Premier database.

-  Hoygan, Joyce (2004).Which Traits Predict Job Performance?. Journal of Applied Psychology. 15-33


  1. Great read! Looking forward to reading your next post.

  2. I too have a strong bond.

    Let's all have a strong bond. Yayy

  3. I always have strong bonds... The problems is they're not as strong as I think they are.. Thus causing me to sometimes lose people important to me. Hopefully following this advice will make losing friends less likely.

  4. If you are unable to get a sense of how a person is after 4 solid hours of contact, then you deserve to rot in whatever hell you create for yourself.
    Yeah, I am not looking forwards to Mondays.

  5. ^ Agreed... But then again there are some people who are very adept at masking their inner feelings and personality..

  6. Not a bad entry, for those that need it atleast - but I think I'll be fine haha =)

  7. Good advice... I know a few unreliable networks of people... Don't really expect the world of them though.

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  9. I don't like people, which is too bad!

  10. This is brilliant advice bro! I will be back for more!

  11. interesting article! Thanks for visiting.