Thursday, September 30, 2010

Entry One

Tired after a long day of entropy.  Doing this blog is a good way to stay focused on the tasks at hand.  Enough about my personal issues, it is time for some random bouts of knowledge.

While making a burger today, I realized that their is more to the burger than just meat and buns.  I know this is a fundamental foundation that is needed to create a devilishly good burger.  However, if you introduce any of these, simpleton burgers to a patron at a restaurant, they would be demanding their money back, because the meat and bun are just a gateway.  In a druggies world, the meat and bun is like marijuana.  It is simple, non addictive and in drug terms, just plain simple. Sure the drug makes gives you some satisfaction, but, in the long run, you will need more hard core drugs to get to a "better", high.


Make sure that you always add that special something to your recipe.  Try a little rosemary or sage, to spice up that plain beef patty.  Also, do not forget the importance of good condiments.  They not only will make the burger a tasty treat, but will also satisfy any cravings your guests may have.


  1. Sure, sure .. you can add all kinds of toppings.

    But the true flavor will always come from the meat and the bun.

    A wiser person once told me: Never make a sandwich on a bun that you wouldn't normally enjoy by itself.

  2. That's making me hungry!

    Well written blog, short and too the point. I like that.

  3. Bacon is the ultimate drug for my burger, I like Bacon, Grilled onions, Mayo, some ketchup, and a slice of grilled pineapple on a sourdough bun such like the sourdough jack....

  4. gratz on your first entry, and nice hahaha =D

  5. damn that looks like... well, yummy :D

  6. i only eat buns + meat with burgers, oh and ketchup :D

  7. "I realized that their is more to the burger than just meat and buns." One reason my parents always failed at making burgers.